Venture Development Services

On a very selective basis, we assist in strategic development of privately-owned business ventures, usually technology-based.

We stringently focus on foundation purpose and strategy for the endeavor - Why is the venture being pursued? With what value proposition? To what customers? With what competitive advantage? For what result? How?

We identify ways for owners to increase value and raise funds other than by seeking venture capital. The discipline of serving a customer is critical and can never be initiated too early. It is often possible to develop customer value initiatives such that a business can be self-financed with owners avoiding the distraction and dilution of raising funding from venture capital investors.

We identify potential strategic partners and assess potential strategic alternatives for funding. In selected cases, we may participate as an earned equity and/or investment partner.

Venture development projects have included digital television, computer software, and medical device companies.

We invite for our consideration privately-owned busiess ventures, particularly internet-related, which are:

  • Targeted to specific customer demand where the market is clearly defined.
  • Capable of competitive value differentiation in the customer's mind.
  • Capable of a tightly-defined and compelling customer value proposition.
  • Beyond the idea stage and preferably having proof-of-concept demonstrated.
  • Capable of business valuation of $200 million or more within five years.

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